Quranic Wazifa For Childless Couple

Quranic Wazifa For Childless Couple

Quranic Wazifa For Childless Couple “, A childless couple who have tried all the medical treatment and are still unable to have a child shall do this wazeefa which was given to me in my dream by a sheikh and is 100 percent .Im revealing this secret so people can take full benefit from it.Get one kg ople and burn them to get its ashes.Now recite 11003 times ”ya khafez” ”ya rafah” and blow it on the ash.Couples shall eat a pinch with water when they wake up.do this and please also inform me with its benfit.

Wazifa For Baby Boy

If you wish to have a baby boy by doing this vazeefa you will definitely have a baby boy,but start it from the first to three months of pregnancy.recitation of   fourth kalma 100 times after fajar prayer and 100 times after maghrib prayer .Now before sleeping your spous shall sleep with written same with saffron and inshallah god will bless you with a baby boy.

his is an efficient and effective Wazifa for Childless couple especially for Infertile women There is nothing to be hopeless. Insh’Allah with the blessing of this Wazifa Allah will grant her a noble and pious baby.

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Wazifa Name:-




Women keep fasting for one week (7 days) constantly and before Iftar time (time of sunset) recite ”YA MUSSAWIRU” 21 times and blow over drinking water and drink it.


1. Recite Durood e Ibrahimi before and after this Wazifa

2. Recite ”YA MUSSAWIRU” 100 times daily.

3. Continue this Wazifa for 11, or 40 days .

Note:- For noble and pious baby recite this Wazifa 10 time daily.

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