Islamic Dua, Wazifa and Amal For Lost Love Back in Urdu

Islamic Wazifa For Love Back in Urdu

Have you been trying to speak to your lover since you have had your breakup? Do you still think about them, even after the relationship is over? Do you want them back in your life at any cost? If your answer is yes and all the worldly conversations have given you no result, then you should go for the Islamic. When you recite the wazifa for love back, it creates the old feelings in the heart of your lover and they feel this instant urge to talk to you and sort things out and eventually everything get backs to normal.

Islamic Wazifa For Love Back in Urdu

If your relationship has ended because of the interference of a third person and your lover has started giving them more importance, then it is really heart wrenching. No one can bear the interference of another boy or girl in their relationship. However, if your lover has left you and is now in a relation with that third person, then you should recite the dua for love back. When you recite the dua, it will separate your lover from that person and he will come back to you.
They will realize your love and importance in life and come back to you.

Islamic Amal for Love Back in Urdu

Often there are clashes in a relationship because of timing differences, lack of trust, misunderstanding, envy, anger and discontentment. If your relation has suffered because of these issues and you still want to mend it, then it is not late yet. You have all the means to reconstruct your relationship. You just have to recite the wazifa for love back in Urdu and you will see that all the miseries and problems of your relationship will end in a short span of time. Things will be fine between you two and you will have a good married life together.

Islamic Amal for Love Back in Urdu

In this busy life, often lovers do not get time for themselves. This creates difference and eventually they separate after a few months. The strangled relationship is unbearable. However, if you cannot bear this separation from your lover, then you should perform the amal for love back. The amal will help you win the love of your lover and they will come back to you and spare time out for you and live happily with you. There won’t be any fight or discomfort in your relationship.

Powerful Islamic Dua For Love Back in Urdu

The dua for love back in Urdu is mentioned below:

  • Take 41 black pepper and one onion.
  • Find a clean place and sit.
  • Recite Surah Fatiha on each of the black pepper
  • Peel out the outer layer of the onion and drill a hole in the center of it.
  • Keep all the black peppers in it and wrap the onion with the peeled layers
  • Get a small Pomegranate tree branch and keep it on the end of the onion.
  • Bring it under a stove to make it warm
  • As it gets warm, it will ignite the flame of love in the heart of your ex lover and they will come back to you as soon as possible.
  • It is very important to take permission from the astrologer before beginning this amal.

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